Apply to our free trade school that teaches you how to code and prepares you for an apprenticeship in 3 months!

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    Be sure to check back for our upcoming classes on St. Croix!

  • What We Teach

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  • Who We Are

    David Thompson (Co-founder/CTO)

    David is a self taught computer engineer, entrepreneur and horse farmer. Yeah...people do that. He is CTO and co-founder of Exigo Office, Epic Payments and Epic Servers.

    Ryan A. Joseph (VP of Operations)

    Ryan is a Virgin Islander raised on St. Croix. Working for over a decade as a computer engineer, when he's not in front of a computer you can find him in the gym or producing a wycked reggae riddim!

    The Mentors

    Programming is a learn by doing kind of job, so we don't have teachers. We have pros who mentor you through group projects designed to help you become proficient in less time and with higher success.

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    We're excited to announce we will officially be kicking off our EpicU candidate search! For the...
    We're proud to announce we're officially launching EpicU in the Virgin Islands! Successfully...
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